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The Clarity – First Play

The Clarity – First Play. A 9 minute 50 second masterpiece from the band Sleep. This single was the first release since the album “Dopesmoker” and before the album “The Sciences”. It can be seen as a transition from and into.

I bought the vinyl single (12″, black see here) which is a single track on one side with an etching on the other. As discussed in Vinyl, I’m not removing the platter and adjusting the belt etc. so I’m streaming it from Bandcamp. It’s becoming a useful platform for me. It provides the discovery of new music and the ability to play things like this 45 rpm.

Of the new music I’ve recently discovered, Sleep, along with Boris and Fu Manchu (you can see my discoveries here and here respectively) are simply just making my life better! I don’t know how I lived without them…

The Clarity – First Play


From its pulsating beginning, through riffing and guitar tone to die for, on with lyrics to make me smile “the dealer is my refuge” and bass and cymbals. By the end, I just want more. Nine minutes is too short! Well for a Sleep song anyway. Ah, well, I suppose they can’t all be Dopesmoker…

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