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A Condensed History Pt. 6

A Condensed History Pt. 6

As discussed in The Start of a Music Blog, this is Pt. 6 of a condensed history of my love of music as a fan. It covers a busy decade bringing us up to date.

You might want to start at A Condensed History Pt. 1

2010 – 2020

A Decade of Much Music

Kicked off the new decade with much music in a trio of festivals to celebrate my 50th birthday.

Dragging through my recalcitrant memory and the clutter of the internet, I believe I also went, with mu to see Wishbone Ash in 2010. My love of this band goes way back to the ‘70’s and two albums: Wishbone Ash and Argus. Both beautiful, enigmatic album covers and phenomenal albums of music.

Glastonbury continued into the 2010s, how could it not. It is such an experience of music, life, everything…

I went to see Marillion a further two times this decade: once with my son in Ayelsbury again and then with mu, in Bristol (2007 or 2008). Marillion have become my favourite band over the years, both in their earlier ‘Fish’ years and the later ‘Hogarth’ years. I’m sure I’ll spend time writing about Marillion in the future. I have tickets for us to see them in November, later this year*

*update: didn’t get to see them due to Covid-19

As mentioned previously, it is Marillion that spawned a love of Transatlantic. As I write this, I’m waiting to have the time to sit down and listen to “The Absolute Universe” that arrived recently (newly released).

In Concert – Part VIII

  • 2010 Wishbone Ash
    • The Cheese & Grain, Frome
    • A chance to see a great band who created one of my all time favourite albums – Argus
  • 2010 My 50th Birthday – 3 Festivals
    • Download
    • Glastonbury
    • Sonisphere
  • Glastonbury
    • 2010
    • 2011
    • 2014
  • 2014 The Orb
    • I saw The Orb once more, this time at Cheese & Grain, Frome.
murpworks - musicfan6160 - A Condensed History Pt. 6 - The Orb ticket image
  • 2014 Off The Tracks
    • Went to Off The Tracks 30th Aug 2014 and Saw Hydria Spacefolk who were excellent.
    • This was held at Donnington, a much smaller festival than Download.
    • There was camping, beer & cider and music. What more could you want?
    • Hidria Spacefolk Live @ Off The Tracks Festival 30th Aug 2014 by Ethereal Nige

Vinyl Resurgence

After listening to CDs for what seemed like a lifetime, I desired to go back and renew my acquaintance with vinyl. For this I required a Record Player. I purchased a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable which I have found an excellent entry level player. This allowed me to rediscover my old collection, purchase some new and some new ‘old’ vinyl.

There’s something almost spiritual about vinyl. From sourcing it, to holding it and reading that big 12×12 cover, taking the large black circle out, transferring it to the record player, starting the player and then listening. It’s a different way.

Living in Frome, I soon discovered Raves from the Grave – the greatest independent record shop in the world. They also have a shop in Warminster*. I frequented both as much as I could. A lot of my newer ‘old’ vinyl came from here.

*Update: the Warminster shop has closed but they are still going strong in a new location in Frome

It was ar Raves from the Grave that I managed to obtain a significant amount of Barclay James Harvest vinyl and RAM by Paul McCartney and Wings.

All That Jazz

There were three instances when jazz entered my consciousness.

I suppose the first Jazz I listened to was in Pizza Express. We used to go as a family on special occasions like Birthdays and anniversaries and just because… To us, Jazz was Pizza and red wine.

The second time I specifically listened to and really liked jazz was the soundtrack to Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamente – is it Jazz? It was to me. It stuck with me.

The third? It was when I brought back the CD of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” by Vince Guaraldi, from a trip to America. This is still one of my favourite Jazz albums. It captures the spirit of Christmas for us as a family completely. We play it every Christmas.

Rough Trade Records in Bristol were responsible for my first, real foray into obtaining Jazz. I would be nipping down in my lunch break or after work, before getting the train home. I bought a few vinyl albums.

Downsizing – a smaller Stereo System

In 2019, we decided we were going to buy another narrowboat (yes, we had one before) and as this was going to be our new home, the one thing that wouldn’t fit on fifty nine and a half foot, six foot wide floating home would be my stereo system. The floorstaders alone would take up the space of a person living aboard!

So, I had to get something smaller. I kept the record player and the system became

  • Cambridge Audio One – integrated amp and CD Player
  • Cambridge Audio Duo Phono Pre-Amp
  • Pro-Ject Debut Carbon
  • DALI Spektor 1 speakers

It worked really well. I was impressed with the DALI Spektor 1’s but the integrated amp/CD Player didn’t do it. The CD player seems to ‘cut’ at random points as if ‘catching up with itself. The amp itself powered the speakers well enough but I wanted more.

Here ends A Condensed History Pt. 6. and the conclusion of A Condensed History. I draw it to a close but really, this is just the beginning. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for persevering 🙂

The next post – Discovery

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