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The Feelgood Factor

Alcohol and Milk

The sun’s out, it’s the warmest March since 1968 and the weather is making such a difference. It seems to have been a long Winter. Another thing providing that feelgood factor is music and maybe a little drink.

I had to nip around the local shop and picked up milk and alcohol. Which got me thinking – Dr Feelgood!

Dr Feelgood

Oh so good. Dr Feelgood are a Blues / R&B band from the Seventies who stripped it back to the basics – ‘Thames Delta Blues’ is such an apt moniker. They were a four piece masterpiece in the line up of

  • Lee Brilleax was one one the all time great front men on vocals and Mouth Organ
  • Wilko Johnson’s distinctive posture on Guitar
  • John B. Sparks on Bass Guitar
  • John Martin ‘The Big Figure’ on Drums

I bought and still own “Malpractice” from the Seventies, their second album. More recently bought “Down By the Jetty”, their first album. Both are excellent albums with a look, sound and feel of their own. As discussed in A Condensed History Pt. 2, I may have got to see Dr Feelgood live but I just can’t be sure. I can’t remember.

Down By The Jetty by Dr Feelgood

In addition to the two albums I own, I bought some singles from a shop in Glastonbury a few years back

  • “She’s A Windup”
  • “Down At The Doctors”
  • “As Long As The Price Is Right”
  • “Don’t Wait Up”

Sadly, the shop no longer exists.


The “Live At Southend Kursaal” captures the essence of Dr Feelgood live

In Film

Julien Temple’s film “Oil City Confidential” captures the history of the early band and is really worth watching.

The one song I don’t yet possess however, is “Milk and Alcohol“, the inspiration for this The Feelgood Factor blog post. There’s still time…

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