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Update – Just Some Things

I wanted to provide an update – just some things that caught my attention over the course of the day.

This arrived a day earlier than I expected

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Vinyl Arrival

I got two new release updates from Bandcamp today

  • STONE REBEL – “Space Indigo” billed as Indigo Trilogy Part 1. I played this through and it’s more of the excellent same from STONE REBEL, the French Psychedelic, Stoner Rockers.
  • The 31:22 long “Colorful Aura” is a slow 31 minutes well spent. There’s time for it to get into its groove. I loved this. “Bridge To The Future is the other longer track on the album, also excellent. The other tracks are complimentary and make this a great new addition to STONE REBEL’s discography.
  • Part 1! There are a two further parts to come…
  • Blissed out…
  • King Weed – Stoneriffic a single track and fairly short at 4:42 but a driving, riffing track. A great introduction to the band if you haven’t listened.

I played Sleep’s “Dragonaut” again – it’s just the greatest track – ever!

Finally, I’ve been writing some lyrics. They are set in another world but maybe not, heavily inspired by Fantasy and Doom. I’m setting them aside and then I’ll return – to see if they stand the test of time. If they get to see the light of day, it will be here and on Ko-fi.

As I said, an update – just some things.

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