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There’s a Rainbow Rising

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This is the first of a series of Recommended albums blogs. It’s reserved for albums where everything comes together to create the perfect…

Rainbow Rising

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Album: Rainbow Rising
Track Listing: 1. Tarot Woman (5.58), 2. Run With The Wolf (3.48), 3. Starstruck (4.06), 4. Do You Close Your Eyes (2.58), 5. Stargazer (8.26) 6. A Light In The Black (8.12)
Band: Rainbow
Band Members: Bass – Jimmy Bain, Guitar – Richie Blackmore, Vocals – Ronnie James Dio, Drums – Cozy Powell
Produced by: Martin Birch
Published: 1976
Label: Polydor

I owned this album on vinyl but sold it (A Condensed History Pt. 2). I later bought the Remaster on CD. It’s the second album dropping “Richie Blackmore’s” from the name to just Rainbow.

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Looking at the list of band members tells you straight away that this is to be something special – a ‘supergroup’. The band was put together by Ronnie James Dio. He could have sang with no-name, non-musicians and the album would have been excellent but in bringing together the people he did, he created something special.

I never got to see Rainbow but I did get to see Cozy Powell (A Condensed History Pt. 2). He is best known for his track “Dance With The Devil” – which can be seen live here. As mu and the children and I moved house, we later got to live, unbeknown to us, very near to where Cozy tragically lost his life. He died in a car accident. I feel privileged to have seen him – RIP Cozy.

The Album

The theme of the album: Fantasy make me want to pick up a high Fantasy novel and start reading (after the album has finished, of course). It brings in two tracks 3. & 4. That are not about traditional fantasy but Starstruck talks about a stalker who obviously ‘fantasises’ about a band member. “Do You Close Your Eyes” alludes to the fantasy of love – well, these are my interpretations. (No liner notes were harmed in the making of this blog).

Track Run Through

It is a short album, just six tracks but is all the better for this. As I run through each track, this is what I see

  1. Tarot Woman: Weaving keyboard, driving beat from drummer, the guitar tone is to die for…
  2. Run With The Wolf: Move onto a more bouncy track, really tight
  3. Starstruck: The guitar into… the subject matter still very much pertinent to today – that ending!
  4. Do You Close Your Eyes: Singing along at the top of your voice to this track, people looking as they pass… sharp finish
  5. Stargazer: The drum intro is epic. Fantasy topic at the forefront, guitar break, mentions “Rainbow Rising”, long form track
  6. A Light In The Black: A fast, riffing track, a longer track with a finish to die for – leave ‘em wanting more! Rainbow Rising certainly does that.

Ronnie James Dio had one of the greatest voices in Rock and this album shows it off – RIP Ronnie.

For me, it’s an injection of Rock directly into the brain – a short album but perfect in its execution – Absolutely Recommended

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