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I Can Resist Everything Except Within Temptation

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I Can Resist Everything Except Within Temptation

Last night I watched the interview of Sharon Den Adel, from Within Temptation. It was hosted at The Wikimetal Happy Hour

I only recently came to Within Temptation so they appear late in A Condensed History. It was after listening to some early Nightwish. I now really love this band and their music. My music collection includes

  • “Enter” (Limited Edition Vinyl 001583) (Music on Vinyl) – their first album, very Gothic in execution
    • Standout track is “Restless” or “Enter”
  • “The Silent Force” (Vinyl) (Music on Vinyl) – their second album, only had one play through of this so far therefore I need to play it more.
    • “Angels” and “Memories” are the two tracks that you see spread across the internet
  • “Mother Earth” (CD) – this is sublime! The four Bonus Tracks edition
    • “Mother Earth”, “Ice Queen” and “Deceiver of Fools” delivering Within Temptation greatness”
  • Resist” (Limited Fanbox CD) – just the best, a lot more modern sounding, great theme and fantastic presentation with the Fanbox.
    • “Raise Your Banner” with Anders Friden
  • The Purge (Digital Download)(Single)
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Within Temptation

Within Temptation are a Symphonic Metal band from Holland, comprised of

  • Sharon den Adel – lead vocals
  • Robert Westerholt – rhythm guitar, unclean vocals
  • Jeroen van Veen – bass
  • Ruud Jolie – lead guitar
  • Martijn Spierenburg – keyboards
  • Mike Coolen – drums
  • Stefan Helleblad – rhythm and lead guitars

Thanks Wikipedia

As a band, Within Temptation present their albums with a rich, storytelling component. With each album release, they have moved forward, creatively . I can play their first album “Enter” and their latest album “Resist” and they are poles apart but both take me on a journey and both excite!

The Links

They are scheduled to tour in 2021, on the Worlds Collide tour w/ Evanescence, pandemic permitting.

As I write this, I’m playing “The Silent Force” and I’m at the track “Angels”. That voice…

As I say, I Can Resist Everything Except Within Temptation*…

*Who said that?

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