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We’re All Doomed

We’re all doomed…

I’ve been listening to three albums today, streaming from YouTube, no physical media, just what came out of my laptop.

A Trio

A trio of Doomed and Stoned with a capital ‘D’ and a capital ‘S’. This is fast becoming my go to, favourite music after discovery recently.

First up was Electric Wizard with “Dopethrone”
followed closely by Sleep and “Dopesmoker”
then on to “The Sciences”, also by Sleep

Throne of Dope

“Dopethrone” is soooo slow and heavy. It’s a masterpiece in Doom. The album cover used two fonts which for me, are worth the price in physical media alone.

The mighty Dopesmoker

“Dopesmoker” is a single track, 1 hour 3 minute masterpiece. “The Sciences is a much later album, after they re-formed (they split up as a band just after “Dopesmoker”).

I study The Sciences

Oh how I love this album – it’s Sleep evolved!

As always, Wikipedia is a great jump point for all things – in this case the album “Dopethrone” and the band “Sleep“.

As I said earlier in this post, I don’t own these albums on any physical media – yet. This will be rectified.

I Know What You’re Thinking…

I know what you’re thinking! “He’s sat there, in a fog of smoke, addled out of his mind as the day drifts away in a haze of nothingness – not true!

I don’t even smoke!

You don’t have to smoke to listen to Stoner Metal. With the above three albums, it’s as though you already are…

Waiting for the doom to fall
I feel it’s near
Waiting for the doom to fall
I feel the fear
Waiting for the doom to fall
The Astral Master’s calling
Waiting for the doom to fall
Waiting for the doom to fall
Waiting for the doom to fall
It’s already here

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There, blog over and not a mention of Dad’s Army and Private Frazer!

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