It’s Hot on a Boat

Friday 26 June 2020

It’s Hot on a Boat

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Just for a change, it was very hot today. Trying to keep a narrowboat cool in hot weather is difficult unless there is a breeze blowing through, from stern to prow or vice versa. You can open both ends and the problem is solved. Not so, today. There was a cross breeze but with the sun coming in, we had to have the blinds and curtains closed, which negated the breeze.

It’s hot on a boat and there was only one place hotter than the narrowboat and that was the lock-up. And yes, we had to visit it. Several times. Back and forth. In and out. We did fortify ourselves with a drive-thru coffee first. It didn’t really help though.

Our lock-up is basically a shipping container. Although in extremely good condition and clean inside and out, that’s it. No air conditioning or humidifier. Just a big metal box. Now I’m no scientist (ooh, actually I am a bit of a one) but sun > metal box > hot! Our lock-up comes to an end at the end of June and it was fast approaching. We were emptying the metal hot box and loading, sorry cramming the last of our worldly goods into Silverdale. We hope she won’t sink!

She didn’t sink and we did get everything out and onto the boat. There’s very little room to do much but it does feel good to be surrounded by my books and vinyl (yes, vinyl) and CDs and magazines. I will get it all organised soon.

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