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19 May 2020


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Adrift on a pond, a lake, a sea or a canal…

There is something about being adrift that brings freedom . You may be at the mercy of forces you are not in control of but this can lead to new beginnings. I think as long as you regain control, it may be good to drift for a while…

Tintin and Captain Haddock are adrift. There is no sign of an oar, a sail or an outboard motor and there is no sign of land. They also appear to be socially distancing but that’s another story…

To be in a small boat with someone means you have to get along. It’s a confined space and even though a narrowboat may be long (Silverdale is 59 feet), it’s narrow (hence the name) at 6 feet 10 inches. You can’t go and isolate in the East Wing. mu and I get on fine. We always have, we always will. So, we have no worries there. Tintin and Captain Haddock also get on well.

I like to think there’s a little of both Tintin and Captain Haddock in me. Tintin: the intrepid reporter/explorer and Haddock: the dependable sea dog who curses and likes a drink 😉

Time is passing quickly now and we shall soon be metaphorically adrift, floating to a new destination. Hopefully we won’t be physically adrift as that means the mooring pins will have come loose!

Soon you will be able to follow Adrift… a new animated webcomic that’s in development. Look back frequently for previews but to be in at the beginning, to see & follow you may like to sign up to buy us a Ko-fi

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rp – peace and webcomics

Inspiration via vlogs

Inspiration comes from many places and many people – we are gaining inspiration via vlogs.

As we wait for Nb Silverdale to be completed so we can take possession, we are taking inspiration from the following vlogs on YouTube

Wildlings Sailing vlog

Wildlings Sailing is the YouTube channel of Mark and Nadiana who, with no sailing experience, bought a motor sailing boat and set off – just like that!

My Northern Story vlog

My Northern Story is the YouTube channel of Yoyo who lives in a tent on an island in Sweden. Inspirational.

Robbie Cumming’s Voyage Logs

Robbie is a legend in narrowboating circles. A single-handed boater who has plied many of the canals of the England and wales, has recently created a TV series about narrowboating and basically all-round great guy – one of the best.

Narrowboat Journeys

Narrowboat Journeys – Philip Ball has been narrowboating for 25 years. He is a solo boater producing regular narrowboating vlogs. I say solo but he also has two cats: Buska and Midge. Philips also creates and produces all his own music under the name Kryfold Sky.

Martin and SV Styrr

Not a vlog series but a one-of video about a one-off boat – Styrr is beautiful.

Simple Living on a Boat vlogs

Simple Living on a Boat is the purest of narrowboat vlogs. It really captures the essence of what narrowboating can be. James made only 23 vlogs but this is the channel that means the most to us. We hope you’re well James…

Exploring Alternatives

Exploring Alternatives provides a jumpstart to lots of alternatives: Tiny Houses, Campervan living, boating… This is where we most recently found My Northern Story.

Boating Beyond vlogs

Boating Beyond are Matt and Ali who have recently started their narrowboating journeys as liveaboards. A refreshing take on narrowboating…

These are a selection of our inspiration via vlogs. We’ll provide an update in the future as we discover more…

rp – peace and narrowboats