Throwing it all Away

Tuesday 29 June 2020

Throwing it all Away

You know that most people, when deciding to move onto a narrowboat get rid of all their worldly possessions (mostly), right? They take the opportunity to ‘clear out’ stuff,: sell, give away to charity, throw away? In readiness for a smaller living space? Minimal if you will. Well, we didn’t. Well, we did but not enough.

Today is the day we had to hand the padlock to our lock-up back to the Marina Office and they would have expected the lock-up to be empty – I know, crazy isn’t it?

The lock-up is empty, the boat is full.

Hopefully it will all get assimilated in suitably Borg fashion but only time will tell (there’s no way we’re throwing it all away).

On another front, the Makita came today and it was the right one – hooray! It’s a beautiful piece of kit. I went to Toucan Tools (very good service – I recommend) and went for the 2x 5AH batteries. I love the Macpak 3 case. It’s a tool for life. Oh, I haven’t got any attachments for it yet so I can’t actually use it, or get that excited about it.

rp – peace and narrowboats

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