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Time is on Our Side

Saturday 02 May 2020

Time is on our side – it just doesn’t seem like it at the moment. We’ve been waiting and have been extremely patient throughout these uncertain times. It can’t have escaped anybody’s notice (except the couple who had been at sea for months and had missed all the news) that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused havoc with plans. Whether of men or mice.

Time has ticked inexorably on like a one-handed Grandfather clock and much of the anticipation of our purchase of and move to Nb Silverdale has had to be stifled. We make plans, not daring to hope they will come to fruition in our desired time frames. We have purchased items and packed them away in readiness. A dialogue with Whilton Marina and especially Harvey via email and phone (keeping more than the 2 metres social distance required) has been kept open.

One thing that helped jolt time out of its complacency was an email from Harvey on 30 April 2020. It contained a picture of Nb Silverdale overplated, blacked and *anodes added. Thanks Harvey!

Photograph: Harvey at Whilton Marina

A lot of things have to come together for the purchase of Nb Silverdale and timing is important. The uncertainty of when, can be a great disabler. We press on, with our goal in mind hoping against all hope. However, through all this we do have time. Time to prepare, to think, time to reminisce. We’re trying to make the most of our time.

The Stones recorded it aptly in Time Is On My Side

*Anodes: sacrificial anodes are chunks of metal welded to the underside of a narrowboat (or other metal-hulled boat). They are a different metal to the hull and as such, erode in preference to the hull. We welcome this 🙂

rp – peace and narrowboats

I Like the Sound of That

mu and I both love music, it’s how we met. We were students in Huddersfield in 1981. I was going to see Adam & the Ants in Sheffield and mu asked if I could get her and her friend tickets. I did and the rest was history.

A Musical Fidelity Sound

We knew that this time around, we would make our narrowboat full of sound. However, a narrowboat is just that; narrow. There isn’t a lot of space. Power is also at a premium, you have to generate it yourself when on the cut. I have a stereo system I built many years ago. It’s based around Musical Fidelity with floor standing Ruark speakers. Everything is big, heavy and uses a lot of power. there had to be a change.

So, on 9 February 2020 we went into Bath and purchased a Hi Fi system for Nb Silverdale. Funds are at a premium so it had to be something on a budget. Now I know the comments will flood in with

“You can’t do Audiophile on a budget”

A Sound System

But I had to try and this is what I came up with

We needed sounds and we needed a mix of digital and analogue sounds. And we needed it on a limited budget! The ‘One’ is small but has some power provided by a toroidal transformer. The One forms the hub of the entertainment system: CD, Bluetooth for phones, laptop and TV but most importantly; vinyl.

The speakers had to be small. Coming from Ruark Prologue Ones, the DALI Spektor 1‘s are minuscule but upon listening to them in Richer Sounds I thought – I like the sound of that. The combination of Spektor 1’s with the One sounded great. Once at home, they sounded even better. I also love the Danish design of the speakers.

My Pro-ject Carbon Debut, now coupled with the Alva Duo sounds amazing. Some might say it’s had a counterproductive effect in that it’s spurred me on to buy more vinyl. This inevitably takes up space but the solution has been four record boxes made in Glastonbury, from The Record Station.

I have to say, Richer Sounds were outstanding in their customer service.

A Sound Verdict

Overall, it’s a size-limited system, for not much money and I think we’ve got something really special that will work. It’s also expandable. I added the phono Pre-stage. A Rega Planar 6 Record Player would be a great upgrade choice. A Sub-woofer could be added in. The possibilities are endless. However, for now I’m happy if I never get to move away from this.

Is it the best in the world? No. It does however sound great and my vinyl has a new lease of life.

I can’t wait to spin up Yellow Submarine aboard Nb Silverdale.

murpworks I Like the Sound of That image

rp – peace and narrowboats