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Blue Sky Day

25 May 2020

Blue Sky Day

murpworks - The Tales of Silverdale - Blue Sky Day - III image

Today is a Bank Holiday in the UK which normally heralds clouds, torrential rain and winds. However, today is beautiful.

A glorious sun in a blue sky broke the morning and has continued throughout, so far. We have made use of the garden to sit amongst nature: trees, bushes, crows, butterflies, a squirrel and a myriad of insects. A refreshing can of Thatchers cloudy finest seemed a fitting tribute to the sun, which ripened the apples for its making.

Tomorrow is my birthday, the day after, we hopefully purchase Nb Silverdale and the day after that, we hopefully move up to Northamptonshire and move aboard. Anticipation, coupled with not daring to hope all will go to plan…

Today is a blue sky day.

rp – peace and narrowboats