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Pontoon In Snow

murpworks - The Tales of Silverdale - Pontoon in snow image
Pontoon in snow

In Came the Snow 2021 and it left the pontoon as hard as iron and water like a stone…

With the Marina frozen, the natural toing and froing of the narrowboats moored therein stopped. Instead of the natural susurration of the hull in water, we were treated to a banging, each time the wind moved the boat.

We had been expecting to be gripped in place but this was not the case. The fenders normally stopped the boat from banging against the pontoon it was moored to. However, the ice stopped the boat getting near. It was a combination of the water underneath the ice, a small gap between boat and ice and the wind. Other boaters commented on the phenomenon.

rp – peace and narrowboats

In Search of an Abandoned Canal

Wednesday 6 May 2020

In Search of an Abandoned Canal

murpworks - In Search of an Abandoned Canal - bridge image

Back in February, before the lockdown when we could travel freely about the countryside, we went in search of a canal. The canal in question was the Glastonbury canal. Now abandoned, it used to exist between Glastonbury, into the River Parrett and then on, to the sea. However, bits of it still exist.

We visit Glastonbury regularly. It’s one of our favourite places. When Glastonbury is mentioned, people immediately think of the festival. The Glastonbury Festival is actually sited at Worthy Farm in Pilton which is just outside the town. The Tor is the next thought: a hill, rising 518 feet out of the wetland countryside: the Somerset Levels. The levels were and still are known as the Isle of Avalon. What we think of is the Rainbow’s End Cafe – the best place for Vegetarian food in the world. What doesn’t spring to mind is – canal.

murpworks - In Search of an Abandoned Canal - Rainbow's End Cafe image

An Abandoned Canal

The canal at Glastonbury is near forgotten but parts of it still exist. It is no longer navigable. Short-lived, as some canals were, it had a brief reign of glory before being sold to the railway company of the time. The railways took over from the canals, replacing them with faster transport solutions.

Our hunt started at the bridge on the junction of Meare Road & Godney Road. We travelled down Meare Road keeping the canal route to our right hand side for a while. This went on through Shapwick Heath but we travelled back, to the bridge. Turning down Dyehouse Lane, we drove a few hundred yards and stopped to admire the view of the Tor from there.

murpworks - In Search of an Abandoned Canal - the Tor from the Canal image

Carrying on, along Dyehouse Lane brought us to a further iron bridge that crossed and took us to Beckery Road.

murpworks - In Search of an Abandoned Canal - iron bridge image

There is evidence that the canal is still there and can be found. It can provide a walk through some of Somerset’s best countryside.

murpworks - In Search of an Abandoned Canal - canal image

For us, it’s such a shame this abandoned canal, although in water is no longer able to support narrowboats. This is one place we would love to have moored Nb Silverdale and made our spiritual home.


murpworks - In Search of an Abandoned Canal - mu at the Canal image

rp – peace and narrowboats