Hello world – we’re buying another narrowboat

Hello world – we’re buying another narrowboat

Hello world. We’re buying another narrowboat. Yes, always gluttons for punishment but after a landborne hiatus we can’t bear it anymore – we’re off back to the canals…

We are buying narrowboat Silverdale – a 59 ft Cruiser stern, ‘pre-loved’ floating home on shallow water.

Initially we won’t be fully off-grid as we plan to be based in a marina. Our plan has been foisted upon us due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, which has everywhere in lockdown. However, we will eventually continuously cruise the canal network of England & Wales. Our previous endevour in Nb MIRRLESS (see Tales from the Bilge) saw us traverse a small section of canal: from the Grand Union, down the Oxford, around the Thames and onto the Kennett & Avon. We will at some point be repeating this journey but our eventual aim is to set off and roam…

The countdown is underway, we aim to own Nb Silverdale from the 27 May 2020. Whether or not we will be able to move aboard is another matter. One thing these strange times has taught us is expect the unexpected. We’re keeping upbeat but it’s not easy.

If you’re interested – step aboard but you’ll probably be press-ganged into pumping out the bilge, changing the engine oil or emptying the toilet – Mmmm, appealing…

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Hello World - Nb Silverdale image
An early preview

rp – peace and narrowboats

2 thoughts on “Hello world – we’re buying another narrowboat

  1. Hello,
    Not sure if your interested but thought I’d leave a comment to say that we are the previous owners of silverdale. We sold it because it became to small when our little one reached crawling stage. We stumbled across your blog and are so happy that she is in loving hands. Any questions about anything please ask we will be happy to tell you about anything we can.

    1. Hi Lucy,

      so glad you found my blog and pleased that you are happy ‘she is in loving hands’ 🙂

      We loved the boat from the moment we first saw her. Everything about her made us make that snap decision, the day we saw her, out on hard-standing at Whilton. We loved what you had done with the interior and have just added a few of our own touches.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and the kind offer of answering any questions.

      Kind regards
      mu & rp

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