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It is the far future, not that that’s any excuse and Max has just loaded a consignment of biscuits for haulage to the Intero system. He had assumed the clearance code for departure he was using was authentic. I mean, biscuits! It’s not as if it was planet-annihilation grade weaponry or Class-A contraband or anything.

He checked the ship’s computer “Schrödinger, confirm clearance code for Space Station Brompton1 departure”.

“Departure code AV-iN-@L@-UGI-I confirmed from BISCORP”.

“So, the problem is?”.

“Brompton1 security detain procedure in effect”.

“Detain? Sounds serious”.

“It is!”.

“Then get us out of here, now!”.


Meet Me At The Jump Gate is an episodic, sci fi, pixel art webcomic set in the far future with Max as the main protagonist. Max hauls things from here to there for credits (in the future, be it utopian, dystopian, scotopian, ectopian or any other topian you would care to mention, they always seem to use credits or creds. Funny that) and whilst tracking the movements of a stock by haulage contractor would be of passing notice as a webcomic, our story hopefully plots a slightly more exciting path across the star chart of space.

Max escapes from Space Station Brompton1 after an attempted detainment by over zealous Security Services. As to why the aforementioned Security Services would want to detain him, he has no idea. He has a consignment to deliver and has no time for wrongful accusations, time is money. Well, actually, time is relative but there’s plenty of time for that later.

So, with a spaceship bristling with Tech, including his trusty ship’s computer, he heads off, little knowing the adventures that are about to befall him.

Follow Max in MEET ME AT THE JUMP GATE weekly here, at murpworks.com

Oh, did I mention, Max is a dog.


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