In the inky blue of space [shouldn’t that be inky black? – Ed]. In the inky BLUE of space, stars twinkle, as they for aeons ever have. They punctuate the monotony of nothingness and man, as he ever has, looks for meaning. He attributes shapes and mythologies and plans adventures yet it is only when he actually sets out, that the vastness of its reality breaks his reverie and he quakes at near infinities.

But that’s what ion propulsion drives are for, right?

A planet, mere AU’s away spins with clockwork precision in a place where time has no real meaning.



> At the moment, we’re just following a few maintenance routines, prior to making some pre-flight checks and punching a destination into the Navicomputer. As soon as these tasks are complete, we will contact you with co-ordinates for rendezvous. <


Meet us at the jump gate…