+ The characters of MEET ME AT THE JUMP GATE +


murpwork' Max image

Maximillion Temeraire V.

‘A breed apart’

Owner of Paw Print Logistics (PPL). Max has built up a business transporting biscuits (and other goods) throughout the known universe. From the Coro system to the borders of Extero, there isn’t a drop he hasn’t successfully completed. He purposefully avoids the Perdio system but then again, everybody with an ounce of sense does. Of late though, Max feels like life is getting a little bit samey. Little does he know that this is all about to change. Be careful what you wish for…


murpworks Space Station Brompton1 image

Space Station Brompton1

‘Your Level C home from home’

Space Station Brompton1 is a small space station serving travellers to and from the Intero system from all known (and maybe unknown) space.

Built by Marble International Space Station – Construction (MISS-C), it provides Level C facilities for small to medium craft with access to Jump Gate JG-47246-11010-10.